Monday, December 26, 2011

Are Paid to Drive Ad Programs Legit?

ByMaureen Winters

Most likely you've seen ads that claim to pay you to drive your car or offer to provide you with a car at no cost to you. Are these companies legitimate or are they a scam? Actually, there is some truth to it but it is a bit more complicated than just joining a program and driving away in a car.

Consider the following before you agree to a car ad program or car wrapping for cash because you should know how the program works first.

Sponsor advertisers express a desire to promote their service or product using the car ad method. The advertisers often don't have the time or employee resources to implement this marketing method themselves, so they enlist companies to handle it for them.

These companies match advertisers to drivers for a particular area. The ads are in the form of magnetic signs placed on the sides of the car or as "car wrap" ads. The types of autos used are trucks, autos, or SUVs and the ads are usually very eye catching and colorful and made of vinyl paint-safe film. Typical ads might be the promotion of a newly released cell phone, a current arts exhibit, or release of an upcoming movie.

The ads are most often designed professionally and appealing visually so drivers don't mind driving the ad car. Also, the driver does have a say on what type of ad goes on their auto. So how does the driver benefit from this type of promotional advertising?

Well, the monthly pay can range from $400 up to $800, the amount depending on things such as mileage you travel per day or month, the age of your car, and how much ad exposure your auto gets daily. Depending on the product being promoted, some companies are prepared to pay handsomely for the service, such as for promoting a new movie release. So even claim you can get paid more during Holiday seasons such as Christmas.

The concept is not a new one, as it has been around for over a decade. The idea went public when a mom decided to link up with a local business to earn funds for her daughter's Girl Scout troop. It really isn't any different than a taxi or bus running mini-billboard advertisements or the promotional ads placed on sponsored racing vehicles.

The magnetic sign ads are easy to place on your auto yourself, while the car "wraps" require a professional to install. The number of drivers wanting to participate in the ads program continues to increase as more people are looking for ways to supplement their income to help pay their monthly bills.

You stand to make more ad revenue if you live in a very populated area or one that gets good ad exposure for specific target markets, such as a university town. Because there are multiple sponsors in the program, there are often many people in one large city participating in the same type of ad program, just showing ads for different companies.

It's hard to imagine but you can get paid for sitting in traffic, which is why the paid to drive concept has continued to grow worldwide giving many people the chance to get paid to drive without having to make any substantial investment other than what they already have; their car and their time.

The paid2drive program has grown to become the No.1 way drivers can get paid to drive their cars.

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