Friday, December 30, 2011

Can Small Compact Cars Be Safer?

With high gas prices, slow economy, and environmental emissions becoming an increasingly pressing issue, the automobile market has been saturated with small compact vehicles. Whether they are sedans, smart cars, hybrids, or crossovers, new compact models rise up to the challenge of fuel economy standards and lowering emission levels. But what about safety concerns? Are smaller compact cars safer? Read on to find out.

Some researchers and engineers would say that smaller cars have low safety capabilities due to so many other large cars on the road. No matter how much safety features are loaded in the car, it will still not have much of chance in comparison to full sized SUV's during car crashes.

Regardless, compact hybrid vehicles are new featuring innovative features to combat the notion that smaller cars are not as safe as full sized vehicles. For example, four different kinds of steel are embedded into the body of one compact car, while an ACE safety system channels energy throughout the car, distributing a balanced energy output, making the car more stable and yielding high performance functionalities.

Another feature is a system called Blind Spot Identifications, which has an adaptive cruise control feature that auto brakes for u in the situation that you have to slam on the brakes. The system also provides for greater roll stability control, and automatically controls your speed to low speeds when it senses that your driving habits have changed to avoid an accident. With small cars, some customers may value the low costs of a car too much to car to add this safety feature, because it does add on an additional 30% of the overall cost of the vehicle.

Features like additional steel structures to absorb the energy of collisions are also expensive to add on. It all comes down to your priorities and specific needs. If buying a safe and economic car is your intention, buying a compact vehicle may not be such a great idea. On the other hand, if fuel efficiency and economic cars are what you are looking for, without so much concern for safety issues, then it's almost a perfect match for you to consider a compact vehicle as your next car purchase.

If safety is something you want but don't want to spend additional money on add-ons and safety features, then perhaps you should go ahead and buy a car without the features, but be sure to get an all inclusive car insurance policy. Insurance will cover the costs and give you greater peace in mind in the case that you do get in a collision. In that case, since your car is compact, there may be great damages done on your vehicle. So, be sure you are covered against liability, body shop work, parts repair, and other important things that will keep your car in great condition.

You may also consider a top notch warranty plan as a safeguard to anything that can go wrong. Most cars go with a service plan free of charge for a number of years. Coupled with a great auto insurance policy, you should be good to go. Always, safe driving over everything else.

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