Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finding A Unique Car For You

How mobile you are will depend on whether or not your own your own a car. Finding the right car to suit your needs requires some forethought. But if you take your time and do your research you should be able to find a car that suits both your needs and budget.

If you are single you may choose to go for something less practical and more fun. A sports car could be a lot of fun; and now days you don't have to know how to drive a stick to get one. Most sports cars now have the option of an automatic transmission.

You may need a car that will seat more than two people; in that case a coupe may be a better choice. If you still want a sports car or at least a sporty looking car, there are plenty to fit your desires. Though coupes can seat more than two people, they only have two doors. If this is going to be an inconvenience then you may want to consider a sedan that has four doors. You can still find sporty models among the sedans. And within the coupes and sedans there are compact cars, mid-sized cars, and full size cars. You may base your choice on gas mileage and the comfort of the other riders in your car. You will have to decide what features are most important to you. In general compacts have the best gas mileage.

If you have a family and transport children and their friends then a mini-van or SUV may be a better choice. There are many of the newer mini-vans and SUVs that get decent gas mileage as this has become an important issue for consumers. A lot of the mini-vans and SUVs have interiors that can be manipulated so that the vehicle can be used for more than transporting people. This will make your car more versatile.

After you have decided which type of vehicle will best suit your needs you need to decide if buying new or used will make the most sense for you. In years past it the wisdom was to buy used because once you drove off the dealers lot you lost a large chunk the car's worth. But now, people are keeping their cars longer. It may be worth the incentives that the manufacturers give to buy new. Sometimes there is not much difference between the price of new and used cars. And if the manufacturer is will to provide regular maintenance for free for several years, in the long run you may be ahead buying new.

Another contributing factor to buying new and used will be how much you will be able to finance. It is a good idea to get qualified for a loan before you start seriously looking for a car. This will let you know the price range in which you can look. The more money you have for a down payment will also impact the car you will be able to purchase.

If possible take your time in making your decision on which car to purchase. It will be a decision you will be living with for a while.

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