Monday, December 26, 2011

New or Used Car - Which Is Best?

Everyone loves a brand new car, there's nothing better than driving it away from the dealership gleaming. There are also a lot of people that refuse to take delivery of their new car if it's raining; they prefer to wait for a nice day, after all it really isn't fun getting your new car dirty in the first few miles.

The interior of new cars have a particular smell; you can even get car fresheners that purport to give off a new car smell. Every single part of your new car is spotlessly clean. Take a quick look under the hood and you have a sparkling engine. Make the most of it all though, because it doesn't take long for your new car to no longer have that just out of the dealership look and smell.

Another consideration is the depreciation that occurs as you drive out of the dealership. You may as well tear up $100 dollar bills, if you live in a state with sales tax. Just think, if you have to pay 8 percent sales tax on a $30,000 car, it's $2,400 that you say goodbye to instantly. There is also the depreciation that occurs simply because once you leave the dealership your car becomes a used car. You could never sell it for the same price you paid, even if you turned around and took the car back to the dealer having driven a few hundred yards.

However, there is something about a new car and that's why, despite the initial depreciation, so many people chose this option.

If you are not quite so concerned that your car comes with zero on the milometer and doesn't have the tag calling it brand new attached, then why not consider a nearly new car. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference in the price; in fact many people are now choosing this option to save on the initial depreciation. You have the option of spending less for effectively the same car, or you can pay the same price as you would have done for a new car, but get a few more extras for the same price.

There are many cars around that are classed as used cars, because they are, but actually only have a few miles on the milometer. Some are only a few weeks old, so they are practically new, but don't have same price tag. There are many reasons that these cars are available to buy. One of the main reasons if because they were ex-demonstration cars. These are the cars the dealership uses when people want a test drive, but they can't sell them as new so the price drops considerably, even though they may have only been driven a hundred miles or so.

Sometimes people just make a mistake and find they really can't get on with the car, so they take it back and get something else. Other instances are where someone purchases a car on finance and, due to a sudden change in personal circumstances, can no longer afford the repayments. The finance company take possession of the car and then sells it at a reduced price.

Ultimately it's up to personal choice, but it's always worth considering the options, before making a final decision.

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