Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Considering Buying A Car? Perhaps You Should Consider Buying A Former Rental

ByJennifer Calvin

Rental vehicles have to be reliable but of course, it simply makes sense that the only way a rental company is going to make money off these vehicles is by offering reliable vehicles. It is for that reason that most rental car companies don't hold onto their cars too long. Even if a car has been reliable and in good condition for the duration of the time they've been using it, most companies end up getting rid of these vehicles around 50,000-70,000 miles.

With the standard overall mileage of a modern vehicle being approximately 200,000 miles this leaves a lot of life left in those automobiles that a rental car company is going to be discarding and there are other reasons why these may be your most suitable option while shopping around for a used automobile. And some of them lie in the ways in which rental vehicles are babied.

Now a lot of people worry about the number of different drivers and the ways in which they may have beaten on a particular automobile but studies show that people tend to beat upon an unfamiliar vehicle a lot less frequently then they do on their own vehicle. For the most part this is because of the fact that they are more uncomfortable with a car that is not their own.

And in general rental car companies keep their vehicles well tuned and in service regularly. Because of the nature of the business and the need to offer secure and safe cars to renters most rental companies have a mechanic look most automobiles over weekly. Doing so helps to make sure that they are kept in the very best condition for as long as feasible. Of course the average vehicle owner does little by way of servicing their vehicle unless it's a required service or there is a problem.

If you are looking to pick up a dependable second hand vehicle you might not need to look any further than your local rental car agency. Most turn vehicles over on a pretty consistent basis and some will even get in touch with you when new cars become available. Knowing who owned your automobile and that they kept up on servicing it will help make sure you get many more miles out of that used vehicle. You'll likely pay a little more for a former rental vehicle than from one being sold privately by an individual however to obtain a reliable vehicle it is likely worth paying a bit more.

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