Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Remove Odors From Your Car

ByEllen Langevitz

It's very unpleasant to sit in a car that has a bad odor, for the driver as well as the passenger. It's not difficult to remove odor from your car. There are many things you can do to keep your car smelling new and fresh all the time. Get into the habit of keeping your car clean and smelling fresh by following a few of the basic ideas below.

Do a thorough cleaning: If your car already has a foul smell, you'll have to first clean it completely and then follow up with upkeep. Remove everything from inside the car, including floor mats, car seat covers, and anything that is not attached to it. Check under the seats for trash, food, toys and other things that may have fallen between the cushions. Rotting food and trash is a major source of car odor. If you have kids, make sure to remove their car seats and clean them very thoroughly. Spilled food and drinks often get stuck in children's car seats and cause odors over time. Once all the trash is removed, shampoo and wipe the seats and surfaces with professional interior cleaner. Professional cleaners that are made for car interiors will work much better than regular cleaning products.
Vacuum and Steam Clean: Remove floor rugs and vacuum any part of the car that you can reach with a vacuum. Open up the cushions as much as you can to remove any hidden dirt inside the cracks. Dirt and other debris that remain inside the cushions for a long time can eventually cause mold and mildew, both of which are a cause of bad odors. After you have thoroughly vacuumed, you may want to steam clean the car for a really good cleaning. Steam cleaning will pick up all the dirt and dust that the vacuum may have left behind, and will leave the car smelling fresh and clean. You can finish by using a nice smelling carpet deodorizer on the floors.
Use Car Seat Covers: Using car seat covers is a great way of keeping dirt and stains from the seats of your car. They take the bulk of the food, drinks and anything else that may fall in your car, but they are much easier to clean. They can be removed easily, and almost all covers can be washed in the washing machine on gentle cycle. When you remove the car seat cover to clean it, you can see anything that fell in between the cushions. It will be a lot less than without the cover.

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