Saturday, March 10, 2012

Check Your Source Before You Buy a Dodge ECU

All vehicles, these days, come with an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which is now an integral part of modern vehicle engine control. These ECUs are equipped with a microprocessor to administer various actuators of the engine to optimize its functioning.

What the ECU does is that, based on the inputs that the microprocessor receives from the many sensors in the engine (collectively known as Look-up Tables or LUTs), it optimally regulates the fuel quantity, ignition time, the gear to speed ratio and other parameters that aid the internal combustion engine to maximize performance. These were all done manually before ECUs made its appearance on the automobile scene.

The state of the art engine computers get inputs from many sources and control the engine. A good example is the variable valve timing systems which are controlled electronically and the turbo charger waste gates which are also controlled electronically. The engine computer also interfaces with the transmission control units and the automatic transmissions. The ECUs in the vehicles today may also be equipped with many other controls like cruise, anti skid brake and so on.

If you are looking for a Dodge ECU, you can buy it off any online store. There are many online stores that sell ECUs. You would need to browse the net to find the right one. Compare their services and prices and make your selection.

Make sure you log on to the right online dealer who offers a warranty and will programme the module to match your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and mileage.

The module must also be updated with the latest software update from Chrysler.

To get the right Dodge ECU, it is important to furnish the year of manufacture and make of your Dodge vehicle, since the ECUs don't come with a one-size-fits-all. In the 2012 line up Dodge has a range of five cars that is the Avenger, Challenger, Dart, Charger and the Caliber while Durango, Nitro and Journey are the SUVs (sports utility vehicles) or crossover vehicles. The company also produces a minivan branded the Grand Caravan.

That's not the end of the story as there are a number of older Dodge models on the road and it is for these vehicles that ECU is often replaced.

Let the dealer also know the relevant part number, as this would greatly help in programming the module correctly. Once your order is confirmed and paid for, the dealer will ship you the Dodge ECU with a pre-paid return label. You must then return your old ECU for the warranty to be active. The warranty will cease if the old ECU is not returned. Check if the product includes shipping and handling otherwise you will be charged additionally. Some Dodge dealers may also offer a lifetime free warranty for the ECU when you buy the product.

The Dodge ECU that you buy from an online store is a re-manufactured and custom programmed module made to OEM specifications incorporating the latest updates from Mopar (the automobile parts and service unit of Chrysler Group LLC, the makers of Dodge vehicles.) You only need to plug in and get going with no additional programming required. It is as easy as that.

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