Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MyLink Vs Blue Link

Two of the most popular telematics systems used on some of the vehicle models in the market is Hyundai's "Blue Link" and Chevrolet's "MyLink". This is the reason why a lot of car experts and automotive journalists are making their own telematics review on these. Almost every telematics review has tried to compare the features, functions, and benefits of these systems. Due to this, a few similarities as well as differences were highlighted and some of these are the following.

1. Features

Majority of the telematics review that were focused on examining the features of Hyundai's Blue Link and Chevrolet's MyLink found out that the two systems are offering almost similar features. Both of these systems allow their users to integrate their smartphones into their vehicles' telematics systems and use these to connect to the outside world by making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, and searching the internet.

Aside from that, MyLink and Blue Link also provide a number of safety features that ensure the car occupants' safety in the event of accident or other emergency situations. Blue Link provides a number of safety applications such as SOS emergency Assistance and crash notifications. MyLink on the other hand offers turn-by-turn navigation, automatic crash response, and live advisor. Through these features, the vehicles equipped with MyLink and Blue Link are safer compared to those that are not using any telematics system.

2. Benefits

The benefits provided by Hyundai's Blue Link and Chevrolet's MyLink are also quite similar. Both of these telematics system allow their users to connect to the outside world while driving by making or receiving calls as well as messages and connect to the internet. These systems also provide entertainment to the car occupants by allowing them to access different music files using the telematics system. Finally, Blue Link and MyLink are making the vehicles equipped with these systems safer by providing additional safety applications in the event of emergencies.

3. Pricing

In terms of pricing, Blue Link is cheaper compared to MyLink. In fact, pricing is considered as the most significant difference among the two. Hyundai has ensured that the telematics systems that they install on their vehicles are cheap enough to allow their growing number of customers to spend lesser amounts of money just to purchase these. However, the demand for MyLink-equipped cars is still overwhelming despite of its relatively higher price and this makes the competition between the two more intense.

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