Wednesday, March 7, 2012

LED Scanner Lighting Kit To Make Your Cars Attractive

The 5050 RGB SMD LED Scanner Lighting Kit contains 4 seven inch LED lights which you can install in your car to give it a stylish look. There are also a number of flashing patters in it which will blow your mind away. Installing this lighting kit is even easier. You have to simply mount the kit to the front grille of your car and connect the red and black wires to the negative and positive terminals of your car's battery respectively. Having done with that, you will have these beautiful and amazing lights successfully installed in your car. Kids simply love these lights! Here, in this article we have discussed about the features and functions of these lights to give you a glance about them.


The kit comes with a 4 piece 7 inch LED strips (this means that each strip contains 12 pieces of SMD LED Lights).55 types of different flashing patters to choose from.Comes with a remote control to turn on the LED and to change the flashing pattern. The range of the remote control is 60 ft.It is100% water resistant and so you won't have to worry about the kit when doing extreme driving.Easy to install and in fact you can do it by yourself as well! All you need to do is to tap the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

The functions of its remote:

You can turn them on and off with the remote.You can change color of the lights according to your liking.You can also change the flashing patter and pick any other patter from the 55 different flashing patterns.Also, with the remote control you can change the speed with which the flash patterns run.

What is in the 5050 RGB SMD LED Scanner Lighting Kit?

In the package you will get one set of LED knight lights kit (i.e. 12-SMD LED Scanner Lighting Kit) and a remote control.

It will add a new charm to your car and will give it a chic and urban look. With this kit installed in your car it will be hard for the people on streets to let go your car unnoticed. The best thing about this kit is that it is very easy to install and it has 55 different flashing patters to choose from.

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