Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dreams of Owning a Supercar? A Look at How Today's Middle Class Have Joined the Club

When one thinks of today's modern supercar owner, we think of the world's lucky 1% of billionaires and millionaires, driving through the opulent streets of Monte Carlo with not one financial worry in the world. Fortunately in 2012 that stereotype is no longer associated with the "supercar", as supercars have now been made available to the average class individual. Don't believe me? Look up the Cadillac CTS-V. What defines an actual supercar would depend on who you ask.

At first thought, we associate the term "super" with mind-blowing, larger than life, the cream of the crop! So can we categorize a car as "super" based off of if it makes you feel really good and better than the people behind you on the freeway? The topic has been the cause of conflict between leading brands in the "supercar" segment, and their mass production mainstream counterparts. Luxury brands feel as if there is a rule book to abide to, while mainstream brands just feel they can do better than their new current competition. The birth of the new and improved modern Supercar began when Cadillac unveiled its new CTS-V brand in 2008. Here was a car which provided 556 bhp, Alcantara leather seating, navigation touch screen, paddle shifted transmission w/ automatic selection, a roaring 8 cylinder engine all for a mere $59k.

American powerhouse automakers have found a new lane in the "supercar" segment, and official sales numbers have far exceeded predictions. With new emission laws on the 3-year horizon, many brands have decided to stray away from usual makings of a "supercar" and add more advanced economic choices to their new model line ups. American brands like Cadillac and Daimler Chrysler have decided to do both. The unveiling of Chryslers SRT300C and its accompanying Dodge Charger SRT for the 2012 calendar year has shown the growth in refinement of American Supercars, now allowing their flagship vehicles to compete with head honchos in Europe. When you add the factor of getting cars which are built to compete with Europe's current production line for nearly half the price, it makes living in the time of the modern supercar a complete thrill.

Technology is finally at a point where everyone has access to what the wealthy have had privilege to for the last 15 or so years. With Asian brands taking notice and now offering affordable supercars to existing production, the advancement of this segment has no limits. We truly live in the era of great driving.

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