Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adding a Body Kit to Your Car Can Turn Heads at Auto Shows

ByAlexander Bailey

Body kits are a rising modification method done to cars dubbed street cars. These body kits mostly improve looks; however, if done correctly it can increase performance and look extremely nice. The best thing about body kits is that they are cheap, and cheap to have installed if you do not have the knowledge. It's also becoming a rising hobby among car enthusiasts across the globe new companies pushing the limits each year. With the rise of popular culture interested in these kits, movies such as The Fast and the Furious are driving sales of these car kits through the roof.

Most mustang body kits are made of fiberglass. There are a few reasons this are true, one of them being cost. It's extremely cheap it produces large scales of fiberglass for these body kits. Another is fiberglass is easy to produce and the process to make it is not hard. This makes it ideal and popular among most people. However, there is a downside to using fiberglass, it's easily breakable. Polyurethane is another common material that unlike its predecessor does not break. However this comes at a cost, as the production costs are higher which turns in to a higher priced product. Carbon fiber is one of the last materials used in the making of a kit. It's hard to make, expensive, and can't be made on a wide scale. However, it has its advantages - it looks nice, and doesn't break as easy. However, due to the impractical use of carbon fiber, not many people use it.

Scientists are melting chemicals with each other and creating new body materials every day. Combining more expensive materials like carbon fiber with less expensive materials such as plastic, the future of Toyota Celica body kits is optimistic. Manny such chemical compositions are becoming mainstream and are being adapted in to the body kit industry. Eventually popular materials like fiberglass and polyurethane will start to become unique as these newer better plastics take a foot hold.

The rise of body kits and street cars started when the movie The Fast and the Furious came out in the early 1990s in the United States. It became extremely popular for high school age to modify their cheaper cars with kits and modded mufflers to make them louder. The craze has started to die in the 2000s, but still continues strong with many people buying into the market each day.

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