Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Must Read Tips On Selling Your Car

When it comes time to sell your car, there are certain steps you can follow to help you sell it for the price it deserves. First, know the market and whether your car is going to be easy to sell. If you live in a snowy climate and have an SUV, it might sell for more money than if you had that same SUV in a sunny, warm climate. To get the most for your money, follow these tips to sell your car.

In general, a family sedan is in constant demand for people that need basic and inexpensive transportation. Convertibles and sports cars are seasonal and warm weather brings out buyers for these types of vehicles. Trucks and vans are steady sellers because they can be used for work.

You can search the Internet for resources on what to price your car based on its model, year, mileage and condition. There are also books that give the blue book value of your car. When deciding what to price your car, make sure to price it competitively. You should leave a little bit of negotiating room in your price by asking a little more money than you are willing to accept.

First impressions are very important. When someone looks at your car, they will probably decide whether they want it or not within the first few seconds. This is because their first look at the car is either positive or negative and you want your car to have initial appeal. You can achieve this by making sure it looks clean well-kept. This involves more than just a car wash. You should vacuum the inside, make low cost repairs yourself, clean out all the trash and junk and clean the windows.

The next step is ordering a vehicle history report to show to the buyer proving the odometer reading is correct and the title is clean. Once the car is looking good and running well, it is time to advertise it for sale. One option is to advertise in the newspaper classifieds. They can be costly, but they get results. Another option is an online classified ad, which are becoming more popular. You could also utilize bulletin boards at work, a supermarket or the local college campus. Word of mouth could also be lucrative and putting a 'for sale' sign in the window to get extra visibility.

When taking calls about you car, make sure you are available to answer any questions. Many people will not leave a message, so answer be ready to answer the phone and be polite. If you make a good first impression on the phone, a potential buyer will be more likely to come and see the car in person.

Finalizing the sale is the last step in the process and you should make sure to check the rules in your state. Make sure you limit your liability in case something were to go wrong with the car soon after it is purchased. This could either be a repair that is needed or an accident that occurs. You should hand over the title to the car by signing it. Then contact your insurance company to cancel your policy on the vehicle.

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