Monday, April 9, 2012

Did You Know Your Car Has a Computer?

Technology, nowadays, never ceases to amaze you. Just when you think it cannot get any better, it does. Just when you think there is no other boundary that it can overcome, it does and just when you think there is nothing else, creators can come up with, they do. This is the magic of technology, there is always something bigger, better and faster. The same statement is said for cars, they always do get bigger, meaner and faster and the same goes for the technology in these fast, over-powered cars.

Nowadays, all high-end cars have computers inside them. In fact, more and more cars now have been fitted with some kind of computer big and small to make sure it runs smoothly. One has to think however, in the technological terms and not in the generic terms of a computer being a monitor and the CPU. Even though these computers-also called an auto computer, do not fit in with the regular image of a computer; they are computers in the sense that artificial intelligence is taking care of the car. When the car is out of control and/or the system is suffering, these computers may work in order to bring the car back to the level at which it performs optimally. The newer the cars, the newer the different types of computers will be, and with all the new kinds of technology taking place, there is much more to come in store for car and computer lovers.

The auto computer has been around for a considerable amount of time and so there have been vast improvements in the quality and condition of the computers present inside the car. There are various different types of computers inside an individual's car. Sometimes they may be all be linked to the same component but may perform different tasks-such as the different parts of the computer all perform various tasks, or they may all be separated and each part performs its duty. The main two parts are the ECM and the PCM. The ECM is known as the Electronic Control Module and is responsible for taking care of the ignition and controlling it and the system of fuel injection. Whenever the "normal" speed limit is exceeded this computer works in accordance with the car to bring it back to normal or optimal level. The PCM-known to people as the Powertrain Control Module also controls a nifty responsibility that of controlling the engine's rpms when they reach critically alarming levels.

These computers, along with many other, work day in and day out to make sure that your car functions well enough to be traveling on the road. This is the beauty of technology, which takes vision and passion together to make something that is so beneficial for man. If you had not known about the computer in your car then take a second look and you will be sure to find out some new quirks and kinks.

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