Friday, April 13, 2012

Is a Hatchback a Good Car?

BySamson Muric

There are a lot of different kinds of cars on the market at this point in time. Each one has got its very own set of advantages and disadvantages. People tend to stick to one kind of car if that is what they have got used to driving. The question that is on a lot of people's lips is whether or not the hatchback is a good type of car to drive. Let us look at a few things that the hatchback has in its favour.


If you take a look at most of the hatchback cars that are on the market you will most likely notice that they tend to be really cheap. This is because the hatchback is designed for those people who cannot afford large sedans and four by fours. Of course, if you look at some brands of vehicle you will see that their hatchbacks are not all that cheap. If you go for the basic car though, you should be able to pick up a hatchback for a relatively low price if you compare it to what a sedan with similar specifications would cost you.

Fuel economy

Another thing that this kind of car has in its favour is its fuel economy. The basic hatchback, not the sport versions, are very light on fuel when compared with a sedan of a similar specification. This is because the car is generally a lot lighter and so the engine needs to produce a lot less power to get the same kind of speed and performance.


When it comes to parking the hatchback is definitely at an advantage over other kinds of car. Because of the shorter wheelbase and lack of boot, this kind of car is much more capable of turning in a smaller space and so can get into tighter spaces than their larger sedan and four by four cousins. It is this small size that makes this kind of car a great first car for new drivers. A lot of people find large cars intimidating and difficult to come to grips with. Since the hatchback does not have a boot there is just that much less to have to keep track of. If you are concerned that the smaller car will open you up to a greater chance of injury in an accident, do not worry. The makers of these small cars have designed them to be just as safe as sedans, in some cases, safer.

As you can see, the hatchback has a lot going for it in the current economic climate. Not only is it generally cheaper to buy, but it is often a lot cheaper to run and maintain as well. It is also great for getting into and, more importantly, out of small spaces. It does not intimidate the novice driver and there is less car to worry about when driving or parking. And it is just as safe to drive as a sedan with similar specifications would be! Thus, I conclude, the hatchback is a great little car!

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