Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vespa Riders Are Not Scooter Riders

ByFeraz Zeid

Did you ever ride a Vespa? If you have, you may stop reading this article right now, because I will not have to describe what it feels like sitting on decades of history. Vespa riders are often confused with the average Scooter enthusiasts.

However, the passion for these vehicles is entertained not only by the kids on the block. If you take a look at the member list of the regional Vespa club, you will find men and women from all walks of life, bankers, doctors and auto mechanics. The love for these historic machines is a virus that catches anyone in an instance. Taking a seat on the long leather bench of a Vespa, firing up the engine with an elegant kick, heating up the motor and enjoying the sound of the exhaust is something that needs to be experienced. Especially in the summer months you will gladly keep your Porsche in the garage if you have your little "bee" waiting for you outside.

Vespa riding is a lifestyle from Italy that has conquered the whole world from Vietnam to the United States. Today you will find Vespa clubs in every city in the world, from Moscow to Berlin, from Hong Kong to New York, the community is ever-growing. Online you will find thousands of fan websites dealing with the one and only subject. The Italian spirit has captivated the souls of men and women around the globe.

You will need to get some stylish gear before you can fully enjoy a ride. Ideally you would have to get yourself a decent old school helmet, a cotton jacket, Italian leather shoes and a colorful scarf. Only then you will fully appreciate what if feels like arriving to an outdoor restaurant, parking your Vespa ride and enjoying your extraordinary entrée.

Such a life style comes at a price. Regular repairs, spare parts and maintenance are costs to consider before buying an older model. Vespa's are available today on the second-hand market; however, if you would really like to get a special one, you may want to go for a real old-timer. Be prepared to spend way above USD 5000 for such a classic though. Old-timers will gain in value over time however, so it could be a wise investment should you be hesitating right now. My advice to you is: Do not think twice, come and join the community today!

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