Friday, April 13, 2012

Chrysler Computer: From Hood to Boot

Automobiles today are highly complex machines and are almost completely computerized. Car manufacturers, Chrysler included, nudged on by the Federal Government have introduced car computers to making driving safer, more comfortable and less polluting. The Chrysler computer like other car computers analyses the information from various sensors in the car: these sensors are the ones for oxygen, knock, air temperature, air pressure and throttle position.

Once the information from the various sensors is generated it is used by the computer in the vehicle to control functions such as the spark plugs, idle speed and fuel injectors to get optimum performance out of the engine. The computer in the car also informs the driver when something is not quite right in the car: one of the ways in which the driver will know that something is not okay with the car is when the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) lights up on the dashboard panel.

The number of computers in the car is related to how pricey the car is. The more expensive the car, the more computers! There are computers to control the transmission and ones to read the speed of the wheel and control of brakes, if the vehicle has an anti-lock brake. In many vehicles the air bag is controlled by computers. Cars which come with security system in place or an entry without keys also have special computers to do this job. Computers are also used for climate control and cruise control systems. Computers with memory for multiple drivers control the motorized mirrors and seats. So do the CD players and the radio in the car.

Is today's date crucial to the calculations in a car computer? People who remember the Y2K scare more than a decade ago ask this question, often. They don't want to get caught with a vehicle which will not move or will have a serious malfunction on a certain date, because the computes are set that way. Rest assured the date is irrelevant to the car computer's calculations. It's simple. If you remove the battery from the car, the computer will have no power. The radio will not know the stations which have been set.

But things can go wrong with the cars and an early warning will definitely help you manage the malfunction more efficiently. The Chrysler computer transmits the information that the engine temperature is not as per recommended norm, to the gauge on the dashboard. When the temperature is not as per norm, there is a gauge needle that will move to the red or a warning light will glow. The gauges on different Chrysler vehicles are not similar looking. Each has a different look about it.

For the engine to warm up at the correct rate the temperature sending unit (TSU) in the Chrysler must work properly. If you attempt to drive the car cold, without the recommended temperature being reached, it will stall or hiccup. The car is also likely to flunk the emissions test as the fuel is not properly processed. The TSU will transmit a signal to the Chrysler computer that there is something going wrong and the gauge on the dash will indicate this.

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