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Functions of a Transmission Control Module

In cars that have an automatic transmission, there is a computerized part that whose main function is to act as a controller of the gear shifting feature. This computerized part is most commonly known as the transmission control module. The TCM is situated at the back of any vehicle's engine, mostly directly behind the firewall.

The way a transmission control module works is quite simple, at least in theory. The control module is the recipient of many sensor signals which are what allow the transmission control module to determine what the specific running conditions of the motor vehicle are. These sensor signals or data come from a part that is referred to as the engine control unit. This data is automatically computed and used to decide exactly what the method and timing of the gear changes should be. In other words, or more scientific terms, what happens is that the transmission control module executes the whole gear shifting control in accordance with what the present driving conditions are. The transmission control module basically mobilizes the first two solenoids of the engine in response to the speed signals that are sent by the throttle and vehicle together. This causes the shift valves to start moving and changes the pressure on the clutch as per the requirement, in compatibility with the data that is received. Then with the solenoids in full operation, the shifting of gears takes place.

What is interesting is the way a control module will work when a car is going up a hill or down a hill. When a motor vehicle is going down a slope that is relatively steep, at a speed equal to 75 km/h or more, then the gear will shift from the fourth to the third when the brake is pressed down on. If however the gas or accelerator is pressed upon, then this shift of gears doesn't take place at all. On the other hand if the motor vehicle is going up a steep slope, then the third gear is put in place. This means that there can be no shifting between the third and fourth gears accidentally.

Aside from this, the transmission control module has certain other functions as well. For one thing, it is this component of the car that is in charge of making sure that fuel usage is properly regulated and hence there is fuel efficiency. The power of the car is also regulated. Regulation of the fuel and power of the car is made possible when the clutch receives signals from the sensors. Another function of the transmission control module is to store information concerning the transmission system of the car. This is the data that allows effective shifting of gears to take place under a range of driving conditions.

It's very important for the efficient and effective performance of any car that the TCM be working perfectly. If it isn't, then the accelerator of the car will not work as it should. This obviously can be very dangerous.

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