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2012 Honda Insight

ByJacob Mario

Honda is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world with dealerships and plants in several countries. Honda is based in Japan but the cars are made in a number of different places including in the United States. Honda is known for fuel efficiency, reliability, affordable vehicles and their line of hybrid vehicles. They have a range of vehicles including compact cars, full size vehicles, SUV's, crossovers and more.

Honda is set to release an updated version of the popular Honda Insight with a number of improvements from previous models. First the new Insight is going to get 44 mpg on the freeway, which is a mile more than the last model. The style and look have been upgraded as well with a new grill and a more aerodynamic frame. The interior has been changed as well, with higher quality materials and a more sophisticated look.

Where the Insight came from Honda first introduced the Insight in 2005 and the goal was to compete with the popular Prius Hybrid. Originally they wanted to sell 70,000 cars, but they actually only sold 20,000, a big disappointment at the time. While there is debate as to the reasons, despite the Insight being significantly less expensive than the Prius, the Prius got 53 mpg while the 2005 Insight got 41 mpg.

Instead of giving up on the Insight Honda remodeled and re-released their hybrid in 2009. They decided to focus on giving their hybrid more speed, better handling and to make it feel less like a hybrid and more like other non-hybrids in their line of vehicles.

The newer Insight was on par with the Prius, surpassing it in all but mpg many critics agreed, plus the Insight was significantly less expensive. To make sure Prius wasn't muscled out of the market they began a price war. Prius lowered their price to only $1,500 more than the Insight. Insight soon lowered their price again to only $18,200 which was $4,600 less than the Prius.

The 2012 model will have even more improvements, a better interior, more miles per gallon, a more powerful and faster engine, an updated sleek look, and the 2012 will only cost $18,350, only $150 more than the previous model.

What is in store for the Honda Insight? The new Insight is expected to be very successful. Honda is committed to making sure each new generation of vehicle surpasses the last while ensuring prices stay down. If the does as well as expected it is likely you will see more Insights in the future.

Benefits of the Honda Insight It is one of the few truly reliable and affordable hybrids on the market. Along with great gas mileage it offers drivers an exciting driving experience and has all of the reliability of a Honda.

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