Thursday, January 12, 2012

Motorcycle Myths and Misconceptions

Myths have been a part of almost any culture in history. If you Google popular myths you will be bombarded with celebrity gossip, urban legends, and even a list of common misconceptions on Wikipedia. These myths often start out as minor misconceptions and in some cases are harmless. Sometimes, however, a common myth can cause serious harm. Knowing fact from fiction could mean the difference between life and death for motorcycle riders.

Some of the most common motorcycle myths have been around for decades. These myths may have contributed to a number of catastrophic and fatal accidents. If you gather a group of motorcyclist, a few of these myths will almost certainly be discussed. The problem is that when we believe these misconceptions our chances of being hurt in a motorcycle accident are increased.

To ensure that you know fact from fiction take a quick look at the following motorcycle myths. Five minutes now could save your life down the road.

Myth 1: Loud Pipes save Lives

A common myth by riders who believe that purchasing or modifying their bike to be loud will help other vehicles notice you. There are some situations where this might work. The only one that I can think of is if you are right next to a car or truck that has their window down. The problem with all that noise is that it is directed rearward. That means that the next vehicle you are approaching probably didn't hear all that loud and annoying noise.

If you really want to keep yourself safe, wear a loud colored jacket and helmet. These will ensure you are seen and are proven to work.

Myth 2: It Is Better to Stay in Your Lane than To Split Lanes

This is another busted myth. In most parts of the world lane splitting is perfectly normal. In the United States it is only legal in California. According to a study conducted by the NHTSA, lane splitting slightly reduces crash frequency when traveling with stopped or slow-moving cars.

Myth 3: Motorcycle Helmets Don't Help In Most Accidents

Don't let those macho motorcycle riders fool you. A motorcycle helmet that displays the DOT label has saved the lives of countless riders and could save your life too. Energy absorbing qualities of a DOT helmet will ensure that riders suffer fewer neck and head injuries than those who do not use helmets.

Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

If you use a motorcycle as a regular means of transportation there are a number of safety tips that you should follow. If you would like to learn how to stay safe while riding a motorcycle please visit our motorcycle safety page.

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