Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Transport a Christmas Tree

ByDan Tole

It's that time of year again. It's December, which means long lines at the mall, trips to visit Santa Claus, and picking out the perfect Christmas tree. Whether you cut down your own tree at a farm or pick one up at a stand outside of the grocery store, you still encounter the same predicament- how to get it home. The right way to get your Christmas tree home depends on the size of the tree. Of course, getting the tree wrapped in netting makes the process a lot easier no matter what the size. Many places offer this service free of charge.

If your tree is small enough, you may be able to fit it in the back seat and a medium sized tree can be placed in the trunk. If you're going to put your Christmas tree in the trunk there are a few necessary steps to follow. First, empty out your trunk! People are known for carting around lots of unnecessary items in the trunk. Get rid of them or put them all in the backseat before stuffing a tree in there. If your car has this capability, put the backseats down to allow for more space for the tree. The tree should then be inserted into the trunk at a diagonal angle, base first. The base is the heaviest and sturdiest part of the tree. Having that inside will help keep it from falling out. If the tree is sticking out of the trunk a little bit, that's OK as long as the trip isn't too far and you drive slowly. Wrap the rope around the tree and attach it to the latches on the top and bottom of the trunk and shut the trunk so that it sits on top of the tree. The trunk shouldn't bob up and down too much. The last step is to tie a bright flag or ribbon to the tree where it is sticking out of the trunk to warn approaching cars that they have less room to stop in front of your vehicle.

Large Christmas trees are better off being strapped to the roof. This isn't too difficult as long as you are prepared and know what you are doing. In order to strap the Christmas tree to the roof you will need a stepladder, gloves, a plastic sheet, and plenty of bungee cords and rope. Depending on the size of your car and your height, you may need the stepladder (and a friend) to get the tree on the roof. Before hoisting it up there, place a sheet on the roof so that the tree needles and branches don't scratch the car's paint job. The base of the tree should be facing forward so that the wind blows fewer needles and limbs off of the tree. Wrap the rope and bungee cords around the tree many times until it is secure. You don't want to lose it on the way home!

If you don't feel up to the task of transporting the Christmas tree, more and more Christmas tree dealers are offering delivery service and will bring the tree right to your front door. Of course, this takes the fun out of it!

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