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Choosing a Good Motorcycle Jacket

ByShahzad Nabeel

The right motorcycle apparel can mean the difference between life and death. A good motorcycle jacket can spare you the pain of having your skin rubbed off. And yet many people ride without a motorcycle jacket, thinking that motorcycle apparel is unnecessary and uncomfortable. Well, using the right motorcycle accessories and apparel can drastically improve your chances of surviving a wreck. So try and find some motorcycles accessories that are comfortable and look good. Don't worry, this article is here to help.

Why Jackets are Important

Choosing the right motorcycle apparel is very important, and motorcycle jackets aren't an exception. Finding the right equipment can save your life. So how does a motorcycle jacket help keep you alive?

Motorcycle jackets are specially designed to be able to survive abrasions. Many of the earliest were made of leather thanks to its tough and durable nature for this very reason. The leather could land on the road and still not rip through. Modern fabrics have managed to duplicate the effects of having a leather jacket, but they are still a great choice for motorcycle apparel.

The main purpose of a motorcycle jacket is to keep your skin on your body. Pavement is sandpaper if you hit it while going faster than 10 miles per hour, and trust me, sandpapering your body wouldn't feel good. Most shirts and fabrics aren't designed to handle the abrasions that a high speed motorcycle crash produces. They will tear right through. This is why they sell specialized jackets as motorcycle apparel.

But motorcycle jackets frequently help in other ways. Often they have hard pads in the joints that are designed to keep your bones from snapping due to a high speed crash. These pads are frequently rigid, designed to take a massive blow and distribute it across a larger portion of your body than a curb otherwise would. Not all motorcycle jackets have pads, but they are a great idea if you are worried about safety.

Choosing a Jacket

The jacket you choose for your motorcycle apparel depends on the climate and what you want out of it. You can get a thick, padded jacket if that is what you desire, or one made of mesh.

Mesh jackets are ideal apparel for motorcycles in warm, dry weather. Mesh jackets let air go right through the fabric, letting the air cool you as you ride. These are great, and this is what I personally choose. Just be aware that the mesh can also let sharp rocks protrude through a bit during a wreck, and that you will have to attach a liner if it starts to rain.

Heavier jackets are available if you live in cooler or wetter environments. These jackets are more tightly woven, a touch more durable (usually) and feature more padding in case of a fall. But you won't get near the air flow as you would with a mesh jacket. These can stifle you on hot pavement during a hot day, roasting you like a nut. So your best choice might to be to buy one of both types.

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