Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Break in Your New Car

ByCassandra Picard

So you have spent time scouring the internet trying to find the best car loan rates and your dream car. Have you ever thought about what you will do with your car once you obtain your car loan and go drive the car off the lot? Many people are often scared to drive their new car around because they want to maintain the just off the lot look and smells that it is supplied with. However, it is inevitable, you will have to drive your new car around and it will probably get some wear and tear. Believe it or not there are a few proper ways to break in your new car. This article will take a look at some of those techniques to make sure that you keep your car running in the best way possible.

Think that stop and go traffic can be bad for your new engine? Think again. The lack of constant speed is actually good for a new engine. Why? It actually helps the piston rings to burnish the cylinder walls properly. You only need to worry about this for the first few thousand miles and then you can go back to the cruise control life.

Following with the previous statement, you also do not want to drive your new car around like a NASCAR driver racing for their life either. You want to keep your bearings working properly so it is recommended that for at least the first one thousand miles you drive like a normal person. You can always race something else if you really have the need for speed.

We all know that it is important to change the oil every three thousand miles, but have you heard that you should change the oil within the first 20 miles of you driving off the lot? Sounds crazy right? Well, not really. It is suggested that you change the oil fairly quickly so that you can rid your car from any debris that might have fallen off the new engine. Also during the process, there is no reason to use the synthetic oil. Just use the regular oil and get your car cleaned out and then you can start your routine oil changes with the synthetic oil.

Brakes can be a very sensitive attribute to your car, yet there is not a set way to break in your brakes. This is kind of a obvious decision maker. You of course do not want to slam your breaks very hard consistently if you can avoid it. By focusing on regular breaking techniques, your car should be fine.

There are plenty of other proper break in techniques, but these can get you started. Now that you know how to properly break in a car you can get back to researching the best car loan rates. It is important before you head to a dealership to know what you are talking about and have a general understanding of what to expect. This way you can be sure that you will not get taken advantage of and you can find the best, informed deal.

Cassandra Picard

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