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The Fundamentals Of Wearing Seat Belts

ByOtto Wortman

In as much as some drivers believe that they are more careful and hence they do not need them, the reality is that accidents can be caused by other factors that are beyond their control. Maybe a reckless driver or a drunk driver can hit them. The effect of injuries and even death caused by neglect of buckling up on the part of drivers and passenger not only affect their body but also cause unnecessary pain and suffering to their families, friends and the nation at large. The effect is actually worsened if the person injured is the one responsible in catering for the family needs just because they neglected using them.

Buckling up is not the end of it, but going about it the right way is what matters. The seat belt usually contains two parts, the lower part and the upper one. The hip area is normally supposed to be held near the seat using the lower part, hence the belt needs to pass through the hip and not the stomach. The upper part is supposed to pass across the chest for effectiveness.

The issue of the above item is so significant to the point that car manufactures are mandated by the law to ensure they carry out comprehensive tests on them in the laboratory before fixing them to the cars to ensure they are in good shape. As a matter of fact, all cars that are manufactured come with them fully fitted.

Tips for using the seat belts are in order for anyone willing to have a safe journey. The first thing is to consider all the passengers in the car are properly buckled up before the journey begins. Some modern car innovations have the ability of informing the passengers if an occupied seat is not buckled up.

Inspection of these items should be done in order to identify areas of weakness. Especially fraying that can be noticed around the frame if the items are used for quite some time. The part that grips it should also be checked to confirm if its functionality is still in order or if it needs to be replaced.

Sometimes a car can carry more passengers than is required, this is a dilemma that some drivers face. In that case, it is necessary to avoid such practice since it means that some passengers, especially the ones that are in the backseat will be without safety belts or they will be sharing one amongst two. This practice is not proper because the items are only made to contain one person and not two.

Children also form part of the passengers and in order to ensure their safety, it is most appropriate to ensure that they are placed on the backseat of the car and that they are buckled up correctly. Sometimes the children are of younger age like below 9 and would therefore require some sort of special system that can hold them, systems specifically made for the children. They typically assume the appearance of the restraints used by pilots since they hold both their shoulders. As for the babies, it is safer to ensure they are put in a rare in front of the seat holding the child.

Even pregnant women are supposed to wear them because they are valuable and if used in the right manner, they do not pose any grave danger or difficulty. Another thing to consider is to avoid relying solely on the air bag. That is one mistake that many people make. They assume that since they have the air bags, their safety is assured. Truth is that the air bags meant for safety purpose could be the ones that cause more harm if they do not work in conjunction with the seat belt.

Sometimes a matter of life and death comes to the point of wearing seat belts. Understanding the consequences of not wearing them and the benefits of using them can make a difference. This can be reinforced by the information in the form of tips of how to go about the whole process to ensure safety for all members in the car.

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