Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Motoring Advice for Ladies

I am not being sexist, but as a husband of 42 years, a father of 3 daughters and grandfather of 4 granddaughters, I quite often have to look at the world from a feminine point of view.

Some people say I am blessed!

I have spent most of my working life with motor cars, and I have noticed over the years that some ladies do seem to have a fear of motor car mechanics and garages.

The first thing you must learn to do are the routine checks on your car. This involves checking engine oil level, coolant and washer bottle levels and tyre pressures. I do not want to sound patronising but these checks are very easy. If you do not know how to do this, just ask someone. Please believe me, you will learn very quickly and this will improve your confidence.

Taking your car to a garage for repair could be a problem for some ladies.

My wife and I ran a driving school for 21 years. We used the same local main dealer for cars and petrol for many years. One day, my wife had a problem with her car, and went to the afore said local main dealer to fix it. They said they did not have the part in stock to fix her car. She pointed out to the mechanic that they had BBQ fuel and potatoes in their showroom, but no part to fix her car. My wife then sat down and started knitting. The boss came out and then arranged for the part required to be taken from a new car in the showroom. She was back on the road within an hour. Be assertive but always gracious.

If you feel that the garage are really patronizing you, then play them at their own game.

Explain the problem with your car, and then tell them that your Husband, Father or Boyfriend would normally maintain your car. Say that they are away this weekend on a stag night, so could they please give you a detailed invoice of all work done, and return the defective parts.

I once had a flat tyre whilst on a driving lesson with a young girl. The wheel had to be changed, so I ask her, would you like to change the wheel?. She agreed, the wheel was changed, and she had learned a new skill. Two years later I met this lady in the pub. and she told me she had a flat tyre on a night out. I asked her if she had changed the wheel herself. She said no way, I was all dressed up for a night out so I stood at the side of the road with a hammer in my hand and a very nice man stopped and did it for me. Again, play them at their own game.

Michael T J Hawkins

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