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Find the Right Motorcycle Helmet

ByShahzad Nabeel

Outfitting your motorcycle isn't all about the hardware. Finding the right motorcycle apparel to wear is very important, too. The right motorcycle apparel combines stylish looks with superb comfort and safety, but you can easily get bad motorcycle accessories if you aren't careful where you shop. So if you are trying to find the best motorcycle apparel to buy, this guide should help.

Finding the Right Helmet

Let's start with the helmet, quite possibly the most important piece of motorcycle apparel you can buy. There are three different types:

1. Full face
2. Three Quarters
3. Half Helmet

A full face helmet cover the entire face, as you would expect. They have a chin to cover your chin and wrap most of your head in a special protective womb. These helmets offer the most protection of the three different types of helmets, but also are the least liberating. Despite featuring vents to let air through, these can be muggy and uncomfortable. And cheaper helmets frequently fog up in the right conditions, which can be extremely dangerous while riding down the road. Still, though, these are great choices if you need a good, sturdy helmet, like you are new to riding.

Three quarters helmets are more liberating than fill face helmets. You might find that they are the best balanced of motorcycle accessories and apparel. Like full face helmets, these helmets feature a strong cocoon for your head. Unlike full face helmets, though, they lack the chin. With no chin blocking air flow, these helmets let air right into your helmet, giving you far more airflow than full face helmets. This also means you have more noise, though. The air is invigorating, and you don't have to worry about fog, as the constant airflow on both sides keeps moisture from building up. There is a bit more of a concern about safety, however. The lack of the chin means that if you fall off your bike and smash your head hard onto the ground, there's nothing to keep your face from contacting the pavement. With a full face helmet, the chin guarantees that the ground will stay far away. And the plexiglass is significantly smaller on a full face than on a three quarters helmet. But if you want a good mix of safety and wonderful airflow from your motorcycle apparel, go with a three quarters helmet.

I will admit, I don't truly see the appeal of half helmets. Unlike both full face and three quarter helmets, half helmets lack anything but the most rudimentary of protection. They are like wearing a bicycle helmet, but at high speeds. Half helmets barely protect your head. While they will absorb a sharp impact if the angle Is right, they cover so little of the face that your head will likely contact the pavement. And because there's no plexiglass to shield you from rocks, pebbles, bugs and dust, all of that is going right into your face. Now, I can imagine that you get a great feeling of freedom from riding with a half helmet. The air is in your face in a way that three quarter helmets can't match. But between bugs and a lack of safety, they just aren't a safe choice.

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