Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Leather Chaps Are a Must For All Motorcycle Enthusiasts

It is a beautiful spring day. You just left the motorcycle dealer with your new bike. Of course you picked out your helmet, and you still have that old leather jacket in the closet from years past. But I am curious if you picked out a good pair of chaps? The truth of the matter is, if you didn't, you will be wishing you had about the time the sun sets. A pair of chaps usually seems to be the last form of protective gear purchased. In many cases the chaps are purchased on the fly, in the midst of bad weather or cool temperatures due to one not realizing the importance and level of comfort that they provide. You see, chaps don't just look cool, but they serve a very important purpose to a motorcycle rider. Lets talk about how a good pair of leather chaps will improve our riding pleasure.

1) Chaps provide comfort. The chaps will allow you to ride comfortably in temperatures that otherwise might be undesirable. The chaps will prevent the wind from penetrating to your skin. In many cases we will start our rides early, or end them late. Temperatures could vary as much as thirty or forty degrees throughout our ride. Sixty degrees in the sunshine and sixty degrees in the dark of night are two completely different conditions. The leather chaps will help to improve the comfort of the rider in cold weather conditions. Chaps come with or without liners, but I do recommend the chaps with lining.

2) Along with warmth, chaps will provide a barrier from moisture. Your chaps should be treated with the waterproofing product of your choice to prevent the penetration of moisture. I prefer beeswax, but there are many like products that will protect your leather chaps, boots and leather jacket from saturation. It is important to own a pair of chaps, it is equally important to treat them with the necessary products to obtain maximum advantage from them.

3) There are always unforeseen instances. Nobody expects to touch their leg on a hot exhaust pipe, but the chaps will protect from that. Nobody plans for an object to be kicked up from the road that can potentially strike their leg, but the chaps will add protection from that as well. In the event of a slide or fall, the chaps will offer an added layer of protection to the rider.

Chaps might not be the first thing you think of when you are purchasing your motorcycle protective gear, but they are just as important as the items that seem to come to mind first. Helmets, leather jackets, and leather boots all add to the overall comfort and protection of a motorcycle enthusiast. Don't overlook the added value of a good pair of leather chaps as well. Don't let that cool morning keep you on the couch until noon, and don't cut your ride short because the sun is getting ready to set. Reach in your saddlebag, pull out those chaps, saddle up and keep enjoying the beauty of our land on two wheels.

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