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Driven to Dream: Preston Tucker, A Dreamer

ByBethann Gonzalez

Passion is a powerful and compelling force that has inspired the greatest innovators of our time. Within the last century we have had an explosion of innovation that has impacted our everyday lives. For example, Steve Jobs an inventor widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution. Thomas Edison invented many devices such as the electric light bulb that greatly influenced life around the world. Henry Ford Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and American industry. But there is one particular innovator that inspires me and who revolutionized automobiles and profoundly impacted the industry for years to come, Preston Tucker.


Cyclops center light, turn ahead of your steeringDisc breaksPadded dashboardCruise control at 100 mphAluminum engineLower center of gravity4 wheel independent suspension

Preston Tucker was a dreamer, an innovator, and a man ahead of his time. His excitement for cars began at a young age and it shaped his life. He held on to his dream of designing and manufacturing cars and after WWII, Tucker saw his opportunity to develop his "car of tomorrow". However Tucker Corporation was squashed even before it began.


In 1949, with the influence of the Big Three Detroit automakers, the SEC accused Tucker Corporation of not producing the type of automobiles he promised, therefore committing fraud. Tucker prevailed at the trial and was found not guilty, but the Tucker Corporation was no more. Tucker was only able to produce 50 cars. Tucker's innovations of aerodynamic styling, padded dash, and pop out windows, seat belts, fuel injection and disc brakes took several decades later to be integrated into automobiles by other manufacturers.


Tucker's passion was the powerful and compelling force in achieving his dream. Tucker understood the principle that is not about the number of cars he produced; it is about the idea, the dream, "What the hell is the difference if we made 50 cars or 50 million, is only machinery. It is the idea that counts and the dream". He was able to bring his car and dream to life. Tucker's passion allowed him to press forward and not be distracted by the disappointments or the unfairness that was constantly inflicted on him. He refused to live defeated and was able to see his dream come true.

Tuckers passion is inspiring and has made me realize if you are driven to dream that there are no bounds. That it is to say not industry, money, or people can limit me from achieving my dreams. It is not outside factors that will handicap you but the handicaps that we place on ourselves. Tucker's passion propelled him above obstacles and above all his own limitations.


Is there an innovator of the 20th century that inspires you?What is your greatest passion in life? Does it motive you to want to achieve your dream?Have you ever driven or ridden in a Tucker car? Share your story.Express your wishes and dreams!

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